What The Color Of Your Car Says About The Driver

Does the color of the car you drive say something about you as a person? We’re all pretty much accustomed to equating the type of car with the personality of the driver, but the color may be giving away more than you bargained for too. According to psychologists and other scientific types in white coats, the color of your car may act as an expression of how you want the world to perceive you.
Car colors are influenced by age and gender, as well as the colors which are actually available on the car lot when we go to make our purchase. Incidentally, check out the great range of car models and colors at fiat dealer Los Angeles after you’ve read this article just to be sure that you choose the right color for your personality.
Of course there’s a lot more to it than that when it comes to choosing the color of your car. Popular colors vary in different vehicle types – luxury sedans are most popular in white or black colors with only a small number of colorful characters choosing one in a more colorful shade for example.
Here are a few tips about what the color of your car says about you, it’s up to you whether you believe them or think that it is actually close to the truth:
White – has a suggestion of elegance and taste, people who are drawn to white vehicles like to present themselves as young, fresh faced and modern. On the flip side it might just be that you live in the desert and prefer to drive a white car which doesn’t absorb quite so much heat as a black one. White as a color is difficult to keep clean which makes it high maintenance, just like the average white car driver perhaps?


Black – is the most popular color for luxury motors. Black is the color of sophistication. Royalty, Diplomats and other VIP’s are driven around in luxurious black vehicles – the color of power. Those who choose to drive a black car are making a declaration that they are important and in control.
Silver – silver shines with innovation. If you think about things like stainless steel and silver technology this is the color which represents style and security. Silver cars indicate high class ladies and gentlemen who have a high status in the world and aren’t scared to show it off. Silver cars don’t get quite as dirty as white cars or quite as hot as black ones. Silver is the perfect fall back color.


Gray – there is a subtle difference between silver and gray car drivers. Silver car drivers want to stand out from the crowd whereas gray car drivers prefer to blend in unnoticed. They care less about their perceived status and more about getting on with life. Gray is one of the most popular car colors around.
Red – people who choose to drive cars are screaming out “look at me, me, me”. The red car is for the exhibitionist although women may choose to drive a red car for no other reason than they think it is fun.
Blue – is a happy color when it comes to cars. The color is practical and projects a personality which is truthful, stable and serene. That’s why blue is such a popular color with mini vans – the minivan is usually the vehicle for a family.


So what color car do you drive and what does it say about you?
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