Maximizing your Holiday Weekend Fun for that 3-Day Weekend

As the calendar moves along and you see that 3-day weekend coming up, you’re not going to want to just sit around a wait for it and have that loathsome “staycation” that seems to somehow be acceptable for some. I mean, really – what’s more boring than turing your vacation into just wasting time at your own home. That’s true laziness. here you’re afforded an opportunity to live a little, to turn your boring life around into something interesting and memorable, and instead you’re going to just do what you always do, wasting time in the back yard or in front of the TV, and you justify it by giving it a cute little name like “staycation.” Well, don’t be that kind of loser. You gotta prepare and make that 3-day weekend the time of your life. Here’s some ideas!


First and foremost, you gotta get out of town. You can’t stay-cation. That’s the worst. One thing to really make it memorable is to finally get the new car you’ve been wanting to get. Head to Nissan Riverside and check out their awesome deals on great rides. Once you get a new car you can invite your buddies to go with you and you can really hit the weekend and make it amazing. What you do is you find a great destination, like a National Park – Joshua Tree for example, or maybe Zion in Utah, and get into that new Nissan and drive to this great place. Then when you’re stuck in that traffic because everyone and their mother has decided to take a road trip this weekend because they followed my advice, you at least are in your brand new car and loving life. You’re almost thankful for the traffic to maximize your time in your new car! Start picturing yourself in traffic in some sweet ride from here:


If that doesn’t sound appealing because you have no sense of adventure, then you can maximize your fun in other ways. You can still do something special on this special weekend, even if you don’t want to drive somewhere awesome. Come up with a great menu idea and make a special meal. Maybe BBQ some shrimp? Or make some great steaks? Sometimes we can come up with a meal idea that really stands above and beyond all other meals such that we remember it for years to come. I once had a ton of oysters and i’ll always remember that amazing meal.


You can also take the time to do a movie marathon of something like the original Star Wars trilogy, or a James Bond marathon. Of course you can do Lord of the Rings too. Something that takes a long time to watch and you need a great long time to do it. Most of us never get a chance to watch all of the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars in one setting, so why not do it on a 3-day weekend, and you’ll always remember having done it and isn’t that something worth doing?