Great Things for Every Outdoor Enthusiast That Won’t Break the Bank


Just because you live for the weekend so that you can be out on the water or in the mountains, doesn’t mean that you want to spend a fortune on your hobbies. While there are some things that you just can’t live without, there are ways to save money on some things so that you have money saved for the more expensive items you need. Here are three things that ever outdoors person needs in their life that won’t break the bank.

1. Great Tent Camping Equipment

While RV’s are good to help you feel like home when you are camping out, it is ultimately cheaper to go tent camping. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up comfort. There are all sort of products out there that make tent camping easier, from tents and shelters that go up in a few minutes, to air mattresses to give you a taste of home. Not only do all of these items add up to less than a camper, you won’t have to get as large of a vehicle to tow anything.

2. A Cheaper Off Road Vehicle


Many times when you are going to the outdoors, you are heading into conditions where you need to have a 4WD. One great one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg is the Jeep Renegade, sold by san juan capistrano jeep. The Renegade not only has a starting price under $20,000 but gets great gas mileage, all while having 4×4 capability, meaning that you can take it just about anywhere without spending a fortune. See for yourself at

3. Used Sporting Goods

If you are learning a new sport, especially one that may involve some extra expenses such as mountain biking or kayaking, consider trying out your sport with used equipment until you gain some experience. Not only can you go online to find goods, you can often find sporting goods stores that sell used items, meaning that you can try new sports out without spending a fortune.