2015 Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe – First Drive



All-new model

Looks the part

4WD and 585hp

Class Flagship Mercedes Coupe

5.5 litre V8, bi-turbo engine

664 ft lb and estimated 22.8 mpg

A brand newA realthe category benchmark in technical innovation

– Cons This much power might be disastrous into a clean driving recordsuch as the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe is akin to a sports jacket from an haute couture tailor who works jointly with the finest cloth. It must exude gravitas and type in addition to a relaxed chic. The Italians have the perfect word with this: sprezzatura, the art of effortless superiority.

In design terms, Mercedes is the only player in this particular segment who may have truly succeeded in bringing luxury car design to the 21st century. And this is not purely a cosmetic exercise. Regarding onboard technology, the company also has left its rivals half a generation behind.

Thus, the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe exudes a dynamism that catches your eye in ways that charges your brain with the notion that the car is moving or is about to move even when it’s standing still.

The new coupe’s low roofline features the traditionalThe large front grille with its huge three-pointed star and single horizontal bar is the epitome of the Mercedes sport grille. But where grille was flush together with the bodywork about the coupe’s less sculpted C215 predecessor, it is actually now a 3-dimensional element, thrusting forward into the airstream as part of an organically shaped nose cone that extends downward into a curvaceous front spoiler, flanked by LED headlamps featuring 47 Swarovski crystals in each unit.

Inside, the refreshing approach to cabin design shows an appropriately forward-looking touch underpinned by unimpeachable build quality, and top-quality materials are as pleasing to the fingertips as they are to the eyes. The widescreen electronic displays that sit cheek-by-jowl in the new dashboard are identical to the S-Class limos, and that is no bad thing because they are the class of your industry. To maximize the feeling of space and light, a glass Panorama roof is set into an outside roofline dropped by .3 inch for any sleeker look. The lack of a sliding sunroof led to a gain of 1.34 inches of extra headroom.

Wind noise at speed is impressively low, along with the coupe is even quieter in this respect compared to the S-Class sedan and the now-defunct Maybach uber-limousine, and 30 percent quieter than the CL. While the S500 Coupe offers theThe Game mode is the one that impresses more since it manages to maintain most of the suppleness of the Comfort setting in its secondary ride, whilst delivering iron-fisted control over the car’s not insubstantial bulk when pressing on if anything. Rear-wheel-drive coupes are fitted with ABC suspension featuring Magic Body Control, while 4Matic versions have Airmatic suspension with ZF’s electronic Continuous Damper Control (CDC). The new Curve Tilt Function that leans the car into bends like a motorcycle is an extra option for ABC-equipped RWD models.

We benefitted from the complete sea improvement in the philosophy of the S-Class Coupe when compared to the outgoing CL, explained AMG’s product planning manager, Oliver Weich. Where the CL was more or less a quick wheelbase two-door S-Class, the physically smaller and lighter C217 S-Class Coupe was built to be a sportier car from day one.

Actually be capable of follow through within its driving dynamics as well.””, although It was an purpose of both the Mercedes and AMG teams the S-Class Coupe would not merely promise a sporty drive with its sleek design””the amount of the S500’s ride comfort is retained by the S63 AMG in spite of the substantial suspension uprating work. The AMG suspension bushes are between 200 and 700 percent stiffer than the ones on the S500 Coupe based on application and location, along with the front axle has different kinematics for better control and response. The suspension settings are also quite different. The first giveaway is the 1.6-degree negative camber setting to the front wheels, a significant 1.1 degree more than on the S500 Coupe. This gives the S63 AMG better turn-responding, while not being enough to adversely affect the wear rate on the inside of the tires.

The exhaust technique is unique to the car and it has the obligatory electronically operated flaps to supply a louder soundtrack in Sport and Manual modes. With all the latest electronic control maps for the exhaust, we have considering the system more spread beyond the old open or closed option, Oliver explained. We could now provide different flap angles according to engine torque and speed output. In fact, we certainly have six settings related to engine speed and another six associated with torque output. So even if you are in Comfort mode, the flaps will open if you hit peak torque and peak revs, he said. The system starts toAs on the S63 AMG sedan, the old idea of standard and Performance Package has been scrapped to the S-Class Coupe. Thus, the S63 AMG Coupe also has the full fat version of AMG’s M157 direct-injection, twin-turbo V8, with 585 hp at 5,500 rpm and 664 ft-lb of torque between 2,250 and 3,750 rpm. Perfect traction enables the S63 AMG 4Matic to launch itself to 62 mph in a very rapid 3.9 seconds, compared to 4.3 seconds for the rear-wheel-drive-only version. Top speed of both may be the usual electronically limited 155 mph having an 186-mph limit as a cost option.

The S63 AMG Coupe is so well damped that I was not sure initially if the small measure of extra firmness over the S500 Coupe was as a result of the uprated suspension or the optional 20-inch forged alloys shod with 255/285 and 40ZR20/35ZR20 Continental Sport Contact 5P rubber in my test car. And So I could not tell how the car I drove was 4WD, so the new front suspension setup obviously works.

With its AMG aero kit and 20-inch forged wheels and an even richer interior with carbon-fiber inserts in thedash and doors, and console, the S63 Coupe looks the part. My test car also had the optional matte paintwork that made it look even more aggressive. The S63 AMG Coupe is a quite different animal from the S500. Aggressive and alive when prodded, it still retains a higher level of refinement when you throttle back. In 4Matic guise especially, it is really a practical sports coupe for all seasons.